How It Works

Vintage jams. timeless fun

Here’s the scoop

Ready to make your event an unforgettable celebration? We will keep things short and sweet, so there is less bushwa and more time for fun and music. Here’s how it works:

We Meet Up

Let's pull up a seat, grab a cup of coffee and get to know each other. No matter your taste in music, we have the perfect Dapper DJ for your event.


Sign On The Dotted Line

Like what you see and hear? Let's make it official with a signature to get started.


Deposit The Goods

Lock it down for the date of your event with the agreed upon deposit.


Tailor Made Playlists

We will do our thing to build the perfect playlist for the occasion, depending on your style, likes, and the experience you want people to have at your event.


Crank the tunes!

We aim to make everyone have a ball on the dance floor - or turn every dance floor into a ball - either way from the first sip to the end of the party, ain't we got fun?

Ready to meet up for a cup of coffee? 

How it works reach out today to set up a time to chat about you, your event, taste in music, and how Dapper DJs can create an atmosphere that perfectly matches your vision. To seal the deal and get your feet tapping, we’ll sign some paperwork, collect a deposit, and start curating a tailor-made playlist just for you. 

Lighting, microphones, and multiple stations are all included to help keep your peppy party full of high energy and ensure everyone has a ball on the dance floor. 

Let’s start planning an unforgettable musical experience with The Dapper DJs!

Need more lighting or even a ceremony station just a few add ons available choose your event to see the list!